The beginning:
Kim Sandberg started the project SANDBERG in the spring of 2014. This was after an extended period of text writing. Sandberg decided that he wanted to try and use the material to produce a full-length album. The first to be contacted was a good friend of Sandberg, Tom Erik Watterud. Watterud and Sandberg started working together with the material, and the creativity led them to an agreement. This should be an album, with emphasis and origin in heavy metal.  

In January 2015, Sandberg’s vocal coach recommended a studio in Trondheim, Skarp Studio. The producer, Jon - Tore Dombu were contacted. After a few meetings, Sandberg decided he wanted to collaborate with Dombu to make an album, and a contract was signed between the parts.

October 2015 was booked for studio recording of the first album, Higher Than The Sun. In addition to being the producer of the album, Dombu was also asked whether he had the opportunity to play bass and some parts with guitar on the album, which was confirmed promptly from his side.

After sporadic contact with Andreas Nergard, Sandberg met Nergard “himself” at a good old fashioned party. Nergard is known to be a very accomplished musician and drummer, and is also working with his own project, Nergard. Sandberg gained courage and inquired whether Nergard possibly had any interest in being a part of his project. The answer was as gratifying as it was surprising, Nergard answered yes.

The band was now almost complete, but Sandberg felt like something was missing, he missed melodious parts in some of the songs. He therefore contacted Simon Kirk, a highly skilled and eloquent pianist from abroad; England. The answer was again surprisingly yes, and collaboration with Kirk started promptly.

SANDBERG is a project consisting of the two permanent members, Tom Erik Watterud and Kim Sandberg. The other musicians mentioned participated on Higher Than The Sun as a collaboration. But we’re glad to inform you, that the musicians from the first album, also will be a big part of the new album recording in 2017.

The album Higher Than The Sun:
This is an album where Kim Sandberg opens his heart and tells a personal story about a challenging period of time, which were filled with thoughts of darkness. This album was produced as a part of his own therapy. Therefore, Sandberg had no expectations before the album release.

After several years of psychological strain and battles between dark thoughts, his life and own world collapsed in 2013. His body did not respond neither mentally or physically. After good support from family, friends and psychologists/interlocutors, Sandberg eventually started writing down his darkest thoughts and feelings, as a part of his therapy. This gradually gave results and Sandberg chose to develop texts into small pieces of music, which thereafter developed into complete songs. After a lot of help from Tom Erik Watterud, the results became more and more visible, and in the end, they decided that the songs would become a full – length album. It should also be said that Watterud was heavily involved in all the songs, and contributed as both composer and further developed earlier work of Sandberg.

Information Higher Than The Sun:
- Recorded / produced / mixed / mastered in Sharp Studio by Jon - Tore Dombu.
- 10 songs
- Genre: Fusion with elements of several genres of EDM to blues. Base heavy metal.
- Songwriters: Tom Erik Watterud and Kim Sandberg.
- Text: Kim Sandberg
- Guitar: Tom Erik Watterud and Jon - Tore Dombu.
- Bass: Jon - Tore Dombu.
- Drums: Andreas Nergard.
- Piano: Simon Kirk.
- Vocal: Kim Sandberg.
- Year: 2015
- Release Date: 15/04/16

Kim Sandberg:
Singer, musician and songwriter from Skogn in Nord Trondelag, but currently he lives in Trondheim. Music has always been a big part of Sandberg’s life, but at the age of 14 he started to take it more serious. Sandberg has always had an extreme interest in music, especially in the metal - genre. He was a long-time singer in the band, The Legacy, along with guitarist Tom Erik Watterud. After the band broke up, Sandberg has on several occasions preformed as a vocalist on pub nights and get-togethers with the old band members and other small concerts.

In the last 10 years, he only worked sporadically with his music, but in 2014 he decided to focus on self-produced songs and complete his dream to release his own album. It resulted in the album Higher Than The Sun, an album based on his story through though and dark periods of his life.

Sandberg has a distinctive voice that is instantly recognizable. His vocal lines, as well as his ability to communicate using vocals makes the music exciting and special.

The album, Higher Than The Sun, was initially produced for own therapy, but has now developed into something far better and bigger than Sandberg has ever dreamed of. Now he desires to share his music with as many people as possible. Sandberg thinks that some might recognize themselves in his music and hopes that his songs/lyrics can help others in the same situation as him.

Other interests are outdoor activities, movies, travel and beard. Sandberg also has a weakness for Jack Daniel's, and roaring at midnight often occurs.  

Idols: Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God) and Phil Anselmo (Down).

Tom Erik Watterud:
Guitarist and songwriter from Skogn in Nord Trondelag, but currently he lives in Gjovik, Oppland. Watterud has been an active musician since the age of 15 and was in a prolonged period guitarist in the band, The Legacy, along with Kim Sandberg. The Legacy made it to several county finals in UKM.

Of education in music, he has studied music for one year at the N.I.S.S (Nordic Institute of scene -and studio), and currently works as a consultant in IT - company EG Norway AS.

After years of sporadic contact, Kim Sandberg suddenly called one evening and asked if Watterud was interested in helping with a few songs. He immediately replied yes, as they had known each other for several years. Kim sent him some extracts with acoustic guitar and vocals and the cooperation started.

Watterud added a few own songs on the album, which he appreciated a lot.

He is extremely proud of the production and the final product. The result was better than expected and he can't wait to perform the music live on stage.

Watterud is currently married and is the father of two. His interest has always been music and data, but also thrives in parties where inhibitions are not existing. A guy with humor and many sounds.

Simon Kirk:
A musician from the south of England, Kirk has been playing the piano since the age of 12. Without the ability to read musical notation, he relies purely on sound and feeling to produce his music. This creates a fresh, natural and ever-evolving style in his music. Kirk's music career has taken him from England to Scandinavia, the Netherlands, the Caribbean and even Egypt. He regularly performs live in popular Norwegian music venues and events. Kirk also produces music for other artists. Sandberg's album "Higher Than The Sun" features some of Kirk's rock and pop piano styles, to give the album a fresh and emotive sound.

Simon Kirk is no longer a member of the band(2017).

Jon - Tore Dombu:
Producer and musician from Trondheim. He has been doing sound recording and songwriting since the age of 14, and been playing in bands such as The Hate Colony and Torch as a guitarist. As a producer, he has worked with several artists, such as Keep Of Kalessin, Triosphere, Martine Rygvold, Mr. Hansen Band, Blånæggel and pretty much everything in the genre of metal in Trondheim. Dombu is the owner of Sharp Studio in Fossegrenda in Trondheim.

Dombu on Sandberg production: "When Kim first approached me with his request the chemistry was there immediately. He specified that he wanted to do this, and mainly because of his own dream to release an album for his own sake. We didn't realize it at the time, that this was going to be an amazing production. We did pre-productions of the material they introduced, and then we found the sound we were looking for immediately. Kim was open to all suggestions and had no ideologies in the way of creating an amazing product. We tried all the ideas and had a wonderful time in the studio. This album has a wide range with an unique sound that immerses you into landscapes from the Foo Fighters to David Bowie. This is an album where it is impossible to hear just one of the songs. If you light the first fireworks, you must be there until the Grand Finale. This is an album we're proud of!"

Andreas Nergard:
A 27-year-old musician from Trondheim, and has during his short career managed to establish his own all-star project" Nergard" on the international metal scene, fronted by famous artists like Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear, ex Gamma Ray) + many more.

Nergard has over the past few years done a lot of session work for other artists, such as Tony Mills (ex TNT) and Tomorrow's Outlook, where famous singers as Graham Bonnet (ex Black Sabbath) and Michael Kiske (ex Halloweens) have been involved. Nergard is a hardworking musician who will emerge on several occasions in the future.


The band has now finished off the recording of their second album. The release date is not yet set, but it will hopefully happen during the spring 2018. The story continues and together with urban legends, the common thread through this album, is now clearer and expresses a lot more feelings through aggression. Sandberg is now ready to conquer the world and can’t wait to get on the stage again!

New album:

- Recorded/produced/mixed/mastered in Sharp Studio by Jon - Tore Dombu.

- 8 songs - Genre: Fusion with elements of several genres of EDM to blues. Base heavy metal.

- Songwriters: Tom Erik Watterud, Jon – Tore Dombu and Kim Sandberg.

- Text: Kim Sandberg

- Guitar: Tom Erik Watterud and Jon - Tore Dombu.

- Bass: Jon - Tore Dombu.

- Drums: Andreas Nergard.

- Vocal: Kim Sandberg.

- Year: 2017

- Release Date: 2018


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