Kim Sandberg - Vocals

Tom Erik Watterud - Guitar

Jon Tore Dombu - Bass

Andreas Nergård - Drums

SANDBERG is the new aspiring hard rock band in Trondheim, Norway, formed in 2016. And with their unique sound of fusion of elements from EDM to blues, they are now ready to release their second album.


The first album, “Higher Than The Sun”(2016), is an album where vocalist Sandberg opens his heart and tells his personal story about a challenging period of time, which were filled with thoughts of darkness. This album was produced as a part of his own therapy.


After several years of psychological strain and battles between dark thoughts, his life and own world collapsed in 2013. Sandberg eventually started writing down his darkest thoughts and feelings, as a part of his therapy. This gradually gave results and Sandberg chose to develop texts into small pieces of music, which thereafter developed into complete songs. It should also be said that Watterud was heavily involved in all the songs, and contributed as both composer and further developed earlier work of Sandberg.


In January 2015, the producer Jon - Tore Dombu in Skarp Studio were contacted, and after a few meetings, Sandberg decided he wanted to collaborate with Dombu to make the album, “Higher Than The Sun”, and a contract was signed between the parts.

Higher Than The Sun:

- Recorded / produced / mixed / mastered in Sharp Studio by Jon - Tore Dombu.
- 10 songs
- Genre: Fusion with elements of several genres of EDM to blues. Base heavy metal.
- Songwriters: Tom Erik Watterud and Kim Sandberg.
- Text: Kim Sandberg
- Guitar: Tom Erik Watterud and Jon - Tore Dombu.
- Bass: Jon - Tore Dombu.
- Drums: Andreas Nergard.
- Piano: Simon Kirk.
- Vocal: Kim Sandberg.
- Year: 2015
- Release Date: 15/04/16

The band has now finished off the recording of their second album. The release date is not yet set, but it will hopefully happen during this autumn.

Stay tuned!


Sandberg - Desponded

Sandberg - The Nightmare Remains Insane




Nygata 22 B

7014 Trondheim

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Based in Trondheim, Norway

Founded in 2016

Genre: #rockfusion

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